Monday, July 15, 2013

Campbell River to Otter Cove

Photo: Inside Otter Cove looking out
Early morning appointments kept us busy until it was too late to make the morning slack current at Seymour Narrows. No problem, that gave RL more time to work on a diesel issue in the aft lazarette and Dee ran to the local pet store to pick up a case of Carlyle Tuna Cat Food. Cat food? This brand is reputed to be the real deal for prawning, “…all the commercial guys use it.” Why would we argue with the professionals? At $15 per case, it is worth a try.

Sitting around in 78 F. sunshine until 4:00 p.m. just seems wrong when you’re eager to get moving, but running the Narrows against a heavy 9-knot current was not a reasonable option, not when you travel at 9 knots.. So we waited, worked on more projects, waited some more, and finally departed in late afternoon. We cruised north in Discovery Passage, in light, choppy water with 15-knot winds under a cloudless blue sky. Lovely. Overnight moorage in Otter Cove positioned us nicely for a long run out Johnstone Strait in the morning.

Photo: This bluff gave some protection against NW winds
We have anchored in Otter Cove before, waiting out slack at the Narrows or setting up for a Johnstone run. The cove is comfortable, well protected from the prevailing NW winds and accompanying choppy water, its flat, rocky bottom provides good holding. It can be a bit noisy when the anchor chain moves around, but you soon grow used to the sound as background noise. An unplanned surprise came at midnight when two cruise ships passed by close to Chatham Point, each trailing a heavy wake that rocked the boat enough to awaken us. Boat rules state “Secure all items when cruising or at anchor” so there was no cleanup required. Back to sleep.

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